use-IP supplied the Invicta FM Boss Cam

June 27th, 2008

use-IP Ltd have supplied an Axis 211M network camera to Invicta FM Radio.

They’re running a feature on the James Heming morning show to keep an eye on their boss, hence the name Boss Cam!

Check it out on their website.

Veracity – truly innovative IP network products

June 20th, 2008

HGHWIRE co-ax converter pair

Veracity manufacture a range of innovative products which enable you to extend your network reach, use Power Over Ethernet (POE), or utilise pre-existing co-axial CCTV cables for IP networking:

CAMSWITCH – a rugged, 4-port, POE, network switch

HIGHWIRE – enables you to utilise existing co-ax cable as a 100Mbit network for cameras or other IP devices

OUTREACH – stretches your network’s reach in 100m steps (with POE) up to 500m

TIMENET– provides an NTP (Network Time Protocol) device on your network to synchronise your devices

OUTSOURCE – is a POE midspan device to inject power onto your network cables for POE supply to IP devices

OUTBREAK – is a POE splitter, which will separate the power and data cables at the device to allow devices that do not have POE functionality built-in to utilise single cable POE supplies

We have now added the full range of Veracity products into our webshop.

Firetide wireless mesh products

June 9th, 2008

This morning we’ve added the Firetide range of wireless products into the webshop.

It’s a great range of products, with the capability to extend your network city-wide.

We’ve also added a video clip which illustrates really well how these products were used by the Phoenix Police Department for city-wide IP Video cover when the Super Bowl came to town.

If you’d like to discuss Firetide products or wireless solutions, please just give us a call …..

Eye-Fi card turns out to be a security gadget!!

June 6th, 2008

I didn’t see this coming when I blogged about the neat new Geotag Wi-Fi SD cards.

A thief stole a camera containing one of these cards and took a photo of himself, of course the card promptly uploaded the image and the location to the real owner’s PC via the web.


Read more here.

Let’s keep the picture in the picture ….!!!

May 22nd, 2008

I’ve just read a 25 page guide on IP video from a large network company.

It was a good guide, well written, it provided good explanations on ethernet, IP, POE, cat5/6, etc.

The bizarre thing was, it never once referred to image quality or resolution.

It is all about the image – please keep that in mind!!

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